1. What is Rent.Ae?

Rent.ae is the first website in Arabian Gulf for Rent, Sale and Services ADs which gives the customers free and convenient way to Post their Ads.

2. Is Rent.AE free?

Yes, all the registered users have 1 package free.

3. How can I Buy a package on Rent.Ae?

All Ads are for free as of now.

4. How to register on Rent.AE?

Click on the Register at the Top right Corner of the site and submit the form. Once you submit the form we will send you a mobile verification code. Enter the code and your account will be created within 24 hours.

5. How do I find an item on the Rent.AE?

You can find your desired Item from on the main site or through Search option, also you can search around you by using "Search nearby option".

6. How do I post an Ad?

You can login with your registered Email ID and Click on 'Post Rental Ad', Select your package that you want to use for Ad Posting. After selecting the package Select Appropriate categories and Submit the form. The form will come to Admin, once approved the Ad will be Live on the site.

7. Why do I need to get my Ads Approved?

To maintain the quality of the Ads posted.

8. Will I get the Chance to Edit/ Delete my Ads once I post it?

Once the Ad is submitted it will go to Admin for Approval, during this process you will not be able to edit your Ads. If the Ad is disapproved, you will be able to edit your Ad.

Once the Ad is submitted you will not be able to edit the Ad.

9. What is Refresh Ads?

Refresh Option allows you to re list your AD in to show again in the first lists.

10. How many times I can Refresh My Ads?

The system will allow you to refresh the Ads posted on the same day. The Number of refresh Ads allowed, May or May not be available with the package. You can refresh your ads for Number of Times that is allowed in the package.

11. What can I do to take my ads back or cancel/ Delete my ads?

You can InActive your ads from your account.

12. How do the count on my packages decreases?

The Listing counts will decrease when the new ad is posted and when the old/ inactive ads is reposted.

13. Do I need to get approval when I repost the ad?

No, You will not require approval when you repost the ad. In repost you are allowed to edit only few fields which does not require and approval.

14. How can I avoid fraud on the Site?

Rent.Ae is not responsible for any frauds committed by the person and\or company who is Renting or who will take products on Rent also the site goal is to post the Ads and will not be responsible if the Product did not get rented.


Person who is Renting :

1) Meet in person and verify

2) Do the transaction with proper contracts

3) Never give your Bank Details before you have verified or satisfied with the person who will take your products on rent.


Person who is taking the products on rent :

1) Meet in person and verify the Product

2) Do the transaction with proper contracts

3) Never give your Bank Details before satisfying yourself with the product

15. What does featured Ad mean?

Featured Ads are Ads that will be displayed on the main page and will be highlighted as featured.